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Our Social Media Monitoring platform mines through millions of conversations every day for our customers. Out of these millions of conversations, quite a few happen to come from Twitter. We realized that we could do a large-scale in-depth study of Twitter users to better understand what is the average profile of a person using Twitter and hence this mammoth study on 36 million Twitter user profiles. Our core competency lies in analytics and by using our own software, we were able to crunch numbers and generate insights which we believe hasn’t been conducted to such large scale till date.

With Twitter experiencing such explosive growth in last few years, our team decided to conduct a more comprehensive study by significantly increasing the sample size. This report focus on the Twitter users, and hence, every minute detail was analyzed and worked upon to generate statistics ranging from bio, tweets, account types, categories to even the background color preference of Twitter users! This report will surely be of great use to those looking for in-depth analytics on Twitter users.

On average, a million active users have tweeted at least a billion times over the last 3 years Tweet This →

25% of Twitter users have never tweeted Tweet This
If you do find this report fascinating and decide to discuss this on twitter, please use our hashtag #Beevolve_Stats . We will be coming out with more reports in the future, so do remember to check this space out regularly.

User Demographics

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s look at the general demographic profiles of Twitter users.

Gender distribution on Twitter

Gender information is not readily available on a Twitter user profile. Our gender classifier determine gender based on looking at Twitter user names, profile pics and other parameters. We were able to determine gender for ~66% of the 36 million Twitter users analyzed in this study. As is obvious from the chart below, the gender divide on Twitter is a little inclined toward females, with number of female users outnumbering the male Twitter users by 6%.
Twitter Statistics on Gender Breakup

Age distribution of Twitter users

Our algorithms determine age-group based on publicly disclosed information in the bio and tweets. Since a lot of teenagers are comfortable disclosing their age on social networks compared to their older peers – the data here is skewed towards the younger demographic. Here is a break up of twitter users according to the age-group. A whopping 74% fall between 15 to 25 years of age. Twitter has a young audience with only 6% falling in the 46+ age category.
Twitter Statistics on Age Distribution

Only 0.45% of Twitter users disclose their age Tweet This →

Global Heatmap of Twitter users

In terms of geographic distribution of Twitter user base, US takes the lead with the highest number of Twitter users, followed by United Kingdom.
Twitter Statistics on User Location

5 out of 10 twitter users are from USA Tweet This →

Top 10 countries with the highest number of twitter users

Country % of Users
United States 50.99
United Kingdom 17.09
Australia 4.09
Brazil 3.44
Canada 2.92
India 2.87
France 1.76
Indonesia 1.43
Iran 0.88
Ireland 0.85

Followers & Following

Follower stats for Twitter users

Majority of the twitter users have less than 50 followers and only a minuscule percentage have followers more than 100,000.
Twitter Statistics on Followers

A twitter user on average has 208 followers Tweet This →
6 out of 100 twitter users have no followers Tweet This →

Number of Twitter users followed

The same is true for number of following as well. Majority of Twitter users are following less than 50 people. There seems to be a strong co-relation between the number of followers and following.
Twitter Statistics on User Followings

A twitter user on average follows 102 people Tweet This →
1 in 10 twitter users don’t follow anyone Tweet This →

Gender Preferences

How many have protected accounts?

11.84% of Twitter users have protected accounts on average. The females definitely want to stay in control of their profiles with 64% of them opting for protected accounts as compared to 36% for males.The user with the highest followers with a protected account is WIDIKIDIW. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia and has a follower base of 515,290.
Twitter Statistics on Protected Accounts

The average number of followers for protected accounts on twitter is 47 Tweet This →
~12% of Twitter users have a protected account Tweet This →

Background Color Preference

Purple is the new Pink for females!

Eminence, or in simple term Purple is the most sought after by females. The calculations exclude the default twitter profile colors.
Twitter Statistics on Female Color Preference

For female Twitter users, Purple triumphs over pink! Tweet This

Males prefer darker themes

Darkish theme dominates the male profile, with steel grey winning the majority. The color most popular with female is the least with men.
Twitter Statistics on Male Color Preference

Gender Inequality within Developing Countries


The gender distribution is fairly even within developed countries as compared to developing countries like India, Brazil etc., with the exception of France.
Twitter Statistics on Gender Distribution as per Countries

84.2% of twitter users have specified location in their twitter profiles Tweet This

10.3% of twitter users have geo-location enabled Tweet This

More Females belong to Younger Age Group


Female twitter users outnumber males till the age of 25. But after age 35, female users start dwindling relative to males.
Twitter Statistics on Gender Distribution by Age Group

Yes! Women tweet more


Not only are there 6% more female users on Twitter but they also happen to be more active as well. Females send out more tweets on average compared to their male counterparts.
Twitter Statistics on Average Number of Tweets by Gender

26% of twitter users have favorited tweet(s) Tweet This

Categorization of Twitter Users

Entertainment related keywords most used in Twitter Bio


The cloud below shows the most popular categories. Keywords specified in the bio that are closely associated are clubbed to form a category for example music, video, dance etc. will be clubbed to form entertainment category.
Twitter Statistics on Category tag cloud

Most females reference family in their Twitter profiles


Here we have identified top ten categories in which most of the analyzed twitter profile fall. Female users talk more about family and fashion whereas the Twitter male users prefer technology, sports and entrepreneurship.
Twitter Statistics on Top Ten Categories by Gender

Family category tops between the age-group 26-55


Twitter Statistics on Top Ten Categories by Age Group

Smartphone & App Preferences

Apple vs. Google on Twitter


Even though Android has more market share than iOS globally, almost two-third of Smartphone/Tablet users use Apple devices to access twitter. The Apple numbers does not include the Mac OS based devices.
Twitter Statistics on iOS vs Android Usage

Official vs Non-Official Twitter Apps


The market share for third-party apps don’t come as a surprise given the recently policy change in Twitter’s API where they mentioned that they would restrict most third-party apps to 100,000 users.
Twitter Statistics on Official Twitter Apps vs Non-Official Apps Usage

32% of users still tweet from their web browsers Tweet This


LOVE is the most frequently used word in a twitter user bio


Here is a tag cloud of most frequently used words in a Twitter user’s bio after filtering for stop words
Twitter Statistics of Bio Tag Cloud of Users

70% of twitter users don’t have their bio specified Tweet This


28,121,801,616 tweets sent by 27 million active users in this study Tweet This

Top 10 users with most # of Tweets

A Twitter user on average has sent out 794 tweets over the last 3 years Tweet This

More followers ~ More tweets

Twitter Statistics on Average Tweet vs Followers

Influence analysis of Twitter users


Our influence scoring algorithm takes into account stats like percentile rank based on number of followers, following, retweet counts, category etc. while coming up with an influence score for each Twitter user.
Twitter Statistics on Influence Score of Twitter Users

More than 50% of twitter users have an influence score of <3 on a scale of 1 to 10 Tweet This

Unconventional Verified Users

Screen Name Created at (MM/DD/YYYY) Followers Tweets till date
SevenFootWave 3/4/2009 4 6
DaBackWudz 7/13/2009 20 8
HerbalArgentina 4/10/2009 24 1
TwitPolls 1/8/2008 32 0
JOHNKLEMMERSAX 4/8/2009 36 220
ShoreClub 2/19/2009 37 1
yahoomaps 4/3/2009 40 0
celebstyle 10/19/2008 42 1
mustangnews 6/4/2008 42 0

Our Take

Social media has seen explosive growth, and Twitter is no exception. There is much to learn about these millions of active users. With diligence and hard work, our team was able to put this data on the drawing board and come with statistics that we believe would be of great interest to marketers, researchers, businesses and even for that matter social media enthusiasts. We sincerely hope that you found this report insightful and invigorating. Watch out for our reports section as we will be coming out with more similar studies soon.
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Published on 10 Oct 2012