Batman rules Social Media


With over half a century of battle between the titans of the comic world, Marvel and DC have been at each other for the coveted title of the most popular publisher in the marketplace. Over the past decades, this battle has been fought on many worlds, starting from print media in the early 60’s, moving on to TV-Series in the 80’s and finally to the big screens in 2000. The Avengers was one of the biggest comic story block busters to hit the big screen, raking in close to $ 1.2 billion. The bar has been raised and its game on for both, with 9 movies planned for Marvel and the much anticipated Man of Steel for DC in 2013.

But how have the superheroes been performing on social media? We thought to take the battle of the superheroes and villains to this world. Whether Superheroes or just humans, social media is all about being social, reaching out to your fans and followers. Superheroes and Super villains are no exception and hence we rank them on how effective they have been in performing their social duties.

We analyze quite a number of social profiles everyday through our platform. This time around we focused on the fan following of the comic characters and how each profile has been performing. We have compared the number of social media profiles for superheroes and super villains plus we have ranked them based on a social authority score.

Let the battle begin!

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    Batman is the superhero people look up to the most in social media, with almost double the lead from the second place Iron Man. The rankings presented below is based on the social authority score that our team calculated. The social score is a combination of variables such as accounts, avg tweets, re-tweets etc. To put it simply, its not enough to have the most social profiles, it has to be a combination of the number of social profile, the reach, influence and the level of engagement to find a place in the leader board.

    Hence, putting almost a dozen or so variables in play, we calculated the score and here are the top 10 Superheroes of Social Media.

    Rank Superhero Alter Ego Social Authority Comic


    Bruce Wayne 87.24 DC
    Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Tony Stark 43.34 Marvel
    Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    Princess Diana of Themyscira 21.15 DC


    Clark Kent 19.76 DC
    Captain America

    Captain America

    Steve Rogers 17.30 Marvel

    Spider Man

    Peter Parker 3.76 Marvel
    The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk

    Robert Bruce Banner 3.11 Marvel
    The Thing

    The Thing

    Ben Grimm 2.55 Marvel

    Thor Odinson

    1.50 Marvel
    The Flash

    The Flash

    Barry Allen 0.13 DC

    Here is a little more detail on our top 10 Superheroes. The most popular cities are the places where most of these accounts originate and as for influence, the higher the better.

    Superhero Most Popular Cities Avg Followers Avg Friends Avg Tweet Influence
    Captain America Briarwood, Buenos Aires 271 315 10720 1.72
    Thor Odinson Glasgow, Washington 155 213 4535 1.46
    Spider Man New York 212 51 1949 8.31
    Wonder Woman London, New York 248 202 5237 2.46
    Batman Gotham & California Pines 393 226 4705 3.48
    Superman Metropolis & New York 301 138 1995 4.36
    The Flash Newton 71 90 1471 1.58
    Hulk Aurora, Dallas 230 217 3542 2.12
    The Thing Laguna Beach 296 269 2839 2.20
    Iron Man Atlantis, Baltimore 981 222 3575 8.84

    The graph below is a raw comparison of superheroes based on the number of social profiles their fans have created online. Batman takes the lead here, followed by Superman, Wonder Woman and Iron Man.

    Here is the comparison of how the superheroes are fairing in their respective universe.

    Top 10 Marvel Superheroes of Social Media

    Top 10 DC Comic Superheroes of Social Media

    90% of the total profiles belong to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This doesn’t come as a surprise since DC has come out with only 8 branded movies since 2002, the better known has been for the character Batman.

    Super Villains

    Mainly dominated by DC comic villains, Loki, The Lizard and Green Goblin are the only marvel villains that were able to make the top 10 list with the most social profiles.

    The Villains don’t seem to be as popular as the Superheroes (obvious from the scores), surprisingly though, Catwoman seems to be more popular in social media than The Joker.

    Rank Villains Social Authority Publisher Most Popular Cities Avg Follower Avg Friends Avg Tweet
    1 Loki Laufeyson 74.479 Marvel California Pines, Hell 352 450 17852
    2 Catwoman 20.348 DC London, Stockholm 611 218 5714
    3 The Joker 2.628 DC Hell, New York 458 210 1905
    4 Green Goblin 1.765 Marvel Cape Town, New York 385 254 7815
    5 The Penguin 0.382 DC Davo City, Lake Michigan 157 78 3659
    6 Darkseid 0.210 DC Albertson, Caillou Bay 190 232 4037
    7 The Riddler 0.169 DC East Los Angeles 103 96 3496
    8 The Lizard 0.013 Marvel Atlanta 168 202 326
    9 General Zod 0.011 Marvel Krypton 57 189 697
    10 The Scarecrow 0.001 DC Brisbane Market 10 10 234

    Marvel takes the Trophy

    We have taken together the Top 10 Superheroes and Top 10 villains of social media, categorized them according to the publisher and put them on a face-off to see who wins the battle between Marvel and DC Comics. Even though DC has double the social profiles as compared to Marvel (graph below), the social scores are the reverse for the two, with Marvel at 61.31 and DC at 38.68.

    Marvel may have won the battle but has it won the war?

    DISCLAIMER: All characters are registered trademarks of their respective entities.

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