How Beevolve helps Community Managers?


Understanding where your customers socialize

Community management is about identifying social channels where your potential and existing customers hang out and then building and managing the community there. Before building a community, your initial part of the job as a community manager is to figure out what platforms your consumers gravitate toward and then ensure your presence there. Although it’s tempting to join emerging platforms such as Google+ and Pinterest, you have to determine if it makes sense for your organization to mark a presence.

With our platform, you can understand where most of the conversations originate for your industry. Not only that, you can also learn what topics your potential customers are discussing every day.

Now you can

  • Monitor top social media sources to understand where your target audience spend time
  • Understand the topics being talked about by your target audience


Network with the Advocates

Your job as a community manager requires you to engage with users and foster a relationship in such a way that they eventually become brand advocates. Brand advocates can be a powerful force when it comes to loyalty and word of mouth marketing. The problem lies in not identifying the influencers but in identifying relevant influencers.

This is where we fit in. Our platform gives you all the statistics you need about users that are engaging with your brand or even your industry. Apart from the influence score, we also provide statistics related to gender, country of origin and even categories (interest or industry) that a potential influencer is interested in. This way you can be sure with who to engage.

Now you can

  • Engage with the right advocates
  • Get geo-demographics and more data on the influencers


Responding to conversations

As the community manager, you are the face of the organization. Every interaction you have with a user will resonate the organizations principles and build a perception about your service. But as the community grows, monitoring every conversation becomes cumbersome and time consuming.

We have taken all this into consideration when developing our product. Our platform allows you to review and respond to conversations directly from the platform. With our advanced sentiment analysis you can track conversations that need to be reviewed. If you want to go a step deeper, our text analytics can help you categorize conversations based on emotional phrases, so that you can understand around which phrases the conversations originate.

Now you can

  • Stay updated with real-time email alerts
  • Tag and assign conversations to relevant individuals within your organization
  • Respond, retweet and categorize the conversations

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