Lead Generation and Sales

Lead generation is a challenge for marketers in general but it is more difficult for b2b marketers in particular. Identifying a prospective customer right at their point of need still remains an elusive goal for many marketers. Paid intent-based advertising channels like Google Adwords might work well but the customer acquisition costs could be quite high in competitive markets. Social media is being looked upon as something that marketers would use for brand building but very few are serious about it as a legitimate lead generation channel. At Beevolve, we sincerely believe that social media could be used as a very effective lead generation channel if used appropriately.

Let’s take the case of a b2b customer that’s in the business of providing database services to IT departments and software companies who either can’t afford to get a in-house database expert or prefer not to hire a full-time person. Imagine you are in charge of marketing & sales for such a company – how you would go about generating leads for your sales team?

Your ideal leads will be companies which don’t happen to have in-house database expert(s) and are actively looking for help with their database to get them to convert. One option is to scour the popular job boards and look for database job openings and try to convince the prospective employers to avail your services instead. But this are not ideal leads because the companies do seem to have the budget to hire full-time database experts and seem to have made up their mind about it so the sales team have the uphill task to convince these companies that outsourcing it to you is a better option than hiring someone.

In a default-is-social world, it definitely gets easier than that. If you are actively listening to social media conversations, you can actually get a good idea on who could use your help by monitoring conversations where people are complaining about a specific web app, website or database being down or slow to use. The concerned companies or websites, whose users are venting their frustration publicly, will be very relevant and timely leads for your sales team.

Social Lead Generation

So the trick to generating leads on social media is figuring out what events acts as a trigger for your potential customers to start looking for solutions and listening for those signals.

For example, a fairly common trigger could be unhappy customers of your competitor who would be happy to switch to a better alternative or somebody asking for recommendations or help regarding which product to buy in your industry.

If you have other interesting case studies on generating leads from social media, please do write to us at info [at] beevolve [dot] com and we would be happy to feature your case study on our blog.

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