Beevolve for Small Businesses

If you do some form of online marketing for your small business, you probably have already created social media profiles for your business. You might also have attracted a decent amount of followers and fans to your social profiles. But what next? You might have read so many theories and expert opinions on the best way grow your business through social media. We have a simple theory as well – Social Media is just another communication channel like Email. It allows you to communicate with your prospective and current customers in a cost-effective way. But there is a major difference between Social Media and other communication channels – your message can spread far beyond its immediate audience if it resonates with your followers and fans. Word of mouth is now measurable and what’s more can be engineered as well. As it turns out, this can be good or bad – any negative experience with your brand has the potential to destroy your reputation but on the other hand, if you share really engaging and authentic content with your followers and fans, it could potentially reach millions of people in no time. In a nutshell, its a double-edged sword but with the right tools you could turn this into your advantage. And that’s where we come in.

What can Beevolve do for you?


Help Understand Your Audience

As with most small businesses, finding and engaging with the right audience has always been a herculean task. Social media is critical in today’s environment, but let’s not forget, the bottom line is to connect with the right audience. If you are sharing the same content across all channels, you are opting for undifferentiated marketing, which for most times does not yield good returns. We believe content to be at the heart of all engagement, but it’s always been a challenge to produce the right content for the audience.

Our content measurement platform saves you time on what, when and where to write and allows you to concentrate on how to write. With our platform, you will be able to measure what channels work best, for which topics, around what time and the level of engagement on the content. More importantly, our platform helps you increase the engagement and loyalty with your target audience.


Real ROI On Your Marketing Efforts

If you can’t measure, you can’t improve and for most businesses, the challenge has been in correlating whether social media marketing is having any impact on conversions or sales. Our platform allows you to launch social media campaigns and measures sales or conversions resulting from those campaigns. If you maintain a corporate blog or regularly launch content marketing campaigns, we can help measure if thats helping you grow your business as well.


Monitor Your Brand

Listen, listen and listen. Social media is one such platform where customers speak and businesses listen. Right from creating value for your customers through listening to what they are saying about your industry to creating loyalty through customer service, social media can be integrated in every stage of the marketing value chain. Even better is that you can measure your brand performance in real-time.

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