Study of 45 million names using Social Media.

Study of 45 million names using Social Media.

Top Names by Country

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Why conduct a global study of names?

A couple of months back, we were reading a Reddit thread about what kind of biases and pre-conceived notions people have about different first names and it was quite intriguing to see how people, albeit in some cases unconsciously or from a previous good or bad experience, had formed strong opinions about people with certain names. This is one form of stereotyping that happens all the time. Psychologists have long since concluded that even the most open-minded people have unconscious negative stereotypes and beliefs. Our brain needs to create such mental shortcuts to deal with an increasingly complex world. But what are the implications of such unconscious biases in the real world? In today’s connected world, we increasingly communicate and work with people whom we have never met in person but over emails and IMs. What kind of first impression do they have of you if the only thing they know about you is your name? Are our hidden biases affecting how we judge someone who came to interview for a job?

Being a data-driven organization, we wanted to analyze the data on how such unconscious biases take a hold and probably foster a discussion so that all of us can be more aware of it and not let it color our judgement for people with certain names. We realized that we didn’t have any data on the unconscious biases but we do process millions of social data points every day. So we decided to analyze the 45 million social media profiles of users that we have processed to see if there was anything interesting that we would find with respect to names. As it turns out, most of the names are probably shared by thousands, if not millions, of people across the world. So, trying to judge somebody named ‘Jennifer’ or ‘Michael’ based on a few people, you might know, with that name has the probability of less than 0.01% to be accurate.

Along with this study, we are also releasing a free application where you can try your own name as well as other names and see all kind of interesting insights like which are the most popular last names for your first name, which cities, states and countries is your name most popular in and color preferences for people with your name etc.

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Freakonomics Revisited

Freakonomics, a very popular book which was on NYTimes best-seller list for a long time, contained analysis of 16 million baby names from California and the authors uncovered really interesting insights like how names get re-cycled every few decades. We decided to run the same experiment on our dataset to see if the same conclusion holds true for our global dataset of 45 million users. And it seems like the insights gathered from our data does have a striking resemblance to the insights uncovered by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the very accomplished authors of Freakonomics.

Jennifer was the most popular name in the 80′s Tweet This
If you happened to read Freakonomics, the authors mentioned most popular white girl names from 1960 to 2000. The names that were popular in 1960′s had lost steam in 2000. Similarly, in 1980, Jennifer was the most popular name, but Sarah became more popular in 2000. Even though our study is conducted almost a decade after the book was published, it seems their thesis on names still holds true.

James and Michael are the most common names since last five decades Tweet This
As for males, there isn’t much statistics to compare, but names such as Michael, James and David which were popular in 1990′s were on a all time low in 2000 on social media.

John & Sarah are the most common names online

These are the most common male names on social media

And here is a tag cloud of the most popular male names

Is your name one of the most common name on social media? Tweet This
And the ten most popular female names on social media are

Sarah is the most popular female name on social media Tweet This
Top female names on social media

Megan, Erin, Jen and Kate prefer the color brown over purple or pink while most of the others prefer purple Tweet This

Here are the most popular last names in the world

Is your last name one of the most popular last names in the world? Tweet This
Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory is wrong as far as social media users are concerned. Muhammad is not the most popular first name neither is Lee the most popular last name.

And here we have mashed up the most popular male and female names in a single tag cloud

Females tend to have more varied names compared to males Tweet This
Here are the top names for the top 10 countries on social media -


Michael and Jennifer are the most popular names on Social Media in USA

0.3% of users on social media have the name ‘mysteriously’ – mostly used for creating spam accounts Tweet This

Great Britain

David, Paul and Chris are most popular british male names

Sarah, Emma and Laura are most popular british female names

Emma only figures in the top 10 females names in the Britain, New Zealand and Australia Tweet This

Who wins the battle of influence – Males vs. Females?

We picked up the most popular male and female names and analyzed their number of friends and followers on Twitter. Again, the males seem to outperform their counterparts with a better friends to followers ratio.

Males do better than females when it comes to number of followers on twitter Tweet This

Some observations about most popular names

Here are interesting tidbits about the most popular male and female names

  • Majority of Sarah and Jessica’s are artists of some sort
  • Significant number of John’s are into entertainment
  • Most of the David’s work in technology

What about your name? You can try our name analytics application to find interesting insights about your name

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Rest of the Countries



Silva is the most popular male last name in Brazil Tweet This

Oliveira is the most popular female last name in Brazil Tweet This




Muller is the most popular last name in Germany Tweet This


Kumar is the most popular male surname among Indian social media users Tweet This

Singh is the most popular female surname among Indian social media users Tweet This


Garcia is the most popular lastname among Mexican social media users Tweet This


Jong is the most popular lastname from Netherlands on social media Tweet This

New Zealand

Our Take:

We hope you enjoyed our report and if you liked it, give us a thumbs-up.

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Published on 10 Feb 2014