How Beevolve helps Content Marketers?


Creating Quality Content and measuring its effectiveness

It’s not easy to be a content marketer for a small business. There are so many aspects that have to be taken into consideration, right from organization goals to finding the right content that connects with your customers. One of the common challenges has been in creating enough quality content that would prove to be engaging with the readers. Even more challenging has been the task for measuring the effectiveness of content not just through superficial metrics, but through metrics that link back to the top-line growth. Content is the key to all engagement on social media.

Now you can

  • Measure how your content drives sales and conversions
  • Understand which topics are creating more engagement from your audience
  • Measure virality of your content


Choosing a Distribution Channel

87% of content marketers are found to employ the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others to spread their content with the aim of attracting the right audience to their website. But are all social channels the same for promoting your content? Segmenting your audience based on channels and engagement will give you a deeper understanding of your customers, which in return will help you develop targeted content.

Now you can

  • Get metrics on which social channel is generating the most bang-for-the-buck
  • Visualize geographic engagement


The Constant Need to Stay Updated

Content creators need to stay ahead of the trends when drafting copies. With Google’s new panda and penguin updates, the emphasis has been laid on engagement and creating useful content. But what use is a good write-up if the topics that are covered are off-trend? For most content writers, it’s essential to be covering topics that are hot and in alignment of their business. The key here is to monitor your industry, listen to the conversations in real-time and pick on topics that create a lot of buzz.

Now you can

  • Stay updated on trending topics
  • Monitor industry buzz

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