Competitive Intelligence

Listening to understand what people are saying about your competition is really important.

Beevolve’s monitoring platform can help you answer five questions around your competition – who, where, what, why and how.

  • Who is having the conversations regarding your competitor(s)? Better yet, could they be a prospective customer for your product or services?

  • Where are the conversations happening? Is it happening more on mainstream news websites or twitter/facebook or blogs? Where are your competitors likely spending marketing dollars to drive word-of-mouth?

  • Why are these people talking about your competitor? Are there specific websites, blogs or twitter accounts that talk about your competitors a lot? Is it possible to identify your competitor’s customers, brand loyalists as well as brand detractors?

  • What are the conversations saying about your competition? Are they praising your competitors or complaining about their products/services?

  • How are you doing with respect to your competition on social media? What’s your share of voice in your industry?

Figuring out the answer to these five questions will give a much better understanding of your ‘social’ competitive landscape. It will help you understand and strategize on what are your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and help you position your product and brand better.

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