Online Reputation Management

  • What is brand reputation?

    Brand Reputation = Customer perception of your company as well as its products and services.

  • Why manage your brand’s reputation?

    If your brand reputation is bad, no one would want to associate with your company or buy products/services from you. A brand’s reputation can make or break the company. Just Google your company or brand name and see what comes up. If what you see is unflattering then you have a serious problem at hand because you will lose the majority of prospective customers who prefer to look you up on major search engines before even coming to your website and deciding to do business with you.

  • Why monitoring is key to managing your brand’s reputation?

    Listening to what people are saying about your company, its products or services and key personnels is the key to managing your brand’s reputation. If people are complaining about your company or product/services on social media, you want to be able to find that and take action immediately to diffuse the situation. In a hyper-connected social world, the risk of not responding to negative comments or conversations could be huge. A negative tweet or Facebook post that goes viral will do unimaginable damage to your brand’s reputation. There are tons of cases of brands getting destroyed or permanently scarred by either not responding to complaints online or responding back in a negative tone.

    Let’s take the recent example of Delta Airlines. In 1985, they allegedly argued in a court case that they should pay less for a gay plane crash victim compared to a straight one. It was an old case but was recently covered by OMGFacts, a popular website, that publishes interesting and quirky facts every day. Their twitter account has 3.3 million+ followers so the Delta court case reached millions of users and thereafter, it was re-tweeted and re-posted hundreds of times across Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.

    Reputation Management

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    Reputation Management

    Negative Conversations about a brand

  • How can you use Beevolve to monitor your brand’s reputation?

    Majority of our customers use Beevolve’s monitoring platform to track and measure online brand reputation. They keep track of key metrics like buzz and sentiment trends, top phrase and emotional context cloud to understand the customer perceptions about the company and how it is changing over time. Any dip in the positive conversations about your brand should be a red flag and need to be investigated immediately to understand what might be causing the positive sentiment to trend downwards.

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