Social Media Monitoring for Business

Social Media MonitoringSocial Media Monitoring is one of the most crucial and unavoidable key step in managing a successful social media marketing campaign and growing a relationship with your customers. It helps businesses to keep up with all relevant social media activity.

So how can social media monitoring help a business?

Be a caring organization, Listen and Engage:

Track conversations in real time: What people say about your product or services and where they say it? Helps business identity target audience and the channels they use to communicate.

Engage with customers: Helps interact with customers in real-time to develop a stronger bond with their customers. The strength of the relationship with a customer can help determine brand loyalty.

Stay informed, Monitor:

Competitors: Follow your competitors and amass competitive intelligence.

Share of voice: Analyze your brand health online by tracking the conversations around your brand.

Industry trend: Helps you identify emerging trends and issues surrounding your industry and competition.

Influencers: See who has been talking the most about your brand and identity those who have the potential to make the most impact online.

Drill down into conversations, Analyse:

Share of sentiment: Analyze the tone of conversations. The phrase cloud and emotional context are great complement to sentiment analysis as it helps to identify what additional keywords are being used along with the search terms.

Stay organized, Manage:

Conversation Management: While monitoring flag conversations that require attention. Reply instantly to conversions from your monitoring tool through your registered social accounts.

Reputation Management: Helps protect and boost your brand image by identifying all the positives and negatives about your organization from the online conversations.

Crisis Management: Avoid a social media crisis before it spirals out of control.

All said, social media is dominated by consumers and they are expressive about their experiences with brands. If this is not enough to get you started, read Making a Case for Social Media Investment.