The 3 SMM of Social Media

So what is all the fuss about social media analytics and monitoring platforms? There are hundreds of organizations that provide services for your social media presence but are they all the same? Here, in this particular piece we try to clarify some of the terms that are being widely used and misinterpreted:

Social Media Management, Marketing and Monitoring

Social Media Management:

Most organizations are trying to set foot in the social media space. They all want to connect with their customers but with so many social media channels how does an organization manage its social accounts from one common interface? Those that claim to provide social media management help you manage incoming and outgoing interactions in a more efficient manner. So instead of manually managing each one of your social accounts for posts, tweets and comments, social media management software allows you to automate the process, saving you from the painstaking and time-consuming task of manual updation. The confusion here is that many claim to be providing monitoring as well. Technically speaking, if the term “monitoring” includes recent comments, posts, shares then their claim is correct, but if customers are looking for in-depth analytics, then it’s a completely different ball game.

Social Media Monitoring:

Like mentioned earlier, the term “monitoring” is ambiguous and it all depends on the way the user interprets it. We at Beevolve believe that monitoring is much more than counting the number of likes, shares and comments. We take it a setup further and claim that analytics on the online conversation in real-time is social media monitoring. What good is a comment if a marketer is unable to pinpoint the tone of online conversations? Are the customers talking good about your recently launched campaign? How much buzz was created since the time of inception of your marketing campaign? Who were the key influencers and why have they been engaging with your brand? These are just some of the few questions that can be answered with what we claim to be “the true social media monitoring platforms”.

Social Media Marketing:

Finally, every marketer must have faced a challenge of justifying his spend in social media. Social Media Marketing is all about generating leads and possibly sales using the social channel. But what good is social media marketing if as a marketer one is not able to track the source of your traffic? I mean, that is the whole purpose of social media marketing, to figure out the best social channels to which your customers respond and hence invest more time and money on such channels. The bottom line for any business is to grow its revenues and to make the business sustainable, that’s why marketers have always faced the grilling from senior management on ROI in monetary terms. Social media marketing becomes pointless if the returns cannot be calculated. There are a few SaaS that help you track your social media marketing efforts and Beevolve is one of them. With just a few clicks and user-friendly interface, one can easily setup an account.

So next time when you are out there, searching for vendors, be sure to keep these 3, overly misused and misinterpreted terms in mind before finalizing in on a vendor for your business needs.


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