Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing IdeaHere, we present you the most cost-effective marketing channels that SMB’s use to generate qualified leads:

1. Focusing on long-tail keywords for SEO:
Today as there are many PPC advertisers online, there is a high competition for the general keywords which in turn increase the cost per click (CPC) required to maintain visibility on the PPC search engines. A Long-Tail keyword will land up fewer visitors on your site, but those visitors are more likely to find what they need as their search term was quite specific. Also, as there is less competition with that specific keyword, it increases the chances of your webpage showing up higher on the search results. Example: A company selling camera can use long-term keyword ‘SLR camera’ or ‘Point & Shoot camera’ rather than search term ‘camera’.

2. Online PR & Content Marketing:
For article marketing, businesses need to write short, informative and easy to understand articles on subjects relevant to their business and submit it to other websites. The article contains a link back to the website. As these articles are submitted to hundreds of forums, blogs and e-magazines, which have their own faithful following of hundreds and thousands of readers, they end-up generating large volumes of visitors to the website. These forums or blogs usually accept the article free of cost. The back link also plays a key part in effective search engine optimization.

3. E-mail Marketing:
A large number of emails can be sent with simplicity and ease to market a product/service. It is definitely an inexpensive medium, but as Click Through and Open Rates are minuscule, email marketing is an ineffective medium of Marketing if used as “one to many”(earlier blog post). Instead, use email marketing as a “many to many” communication channel. Customize your emails for different audience.

4. Social Media Marketing:
Social media provides much targeted channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube video to help businesses reach not just their prospective customers, but millions of people all across the globe to promote their offerings, share news and interact with them in real-time at no cost. Increasing engagement with customers encourages trust and increases their confidence in your product/service thereby generating sales. These factors combine to make social media marketing one of the most effective means of marketing. Businesses though need to monitor and measure their social media marketing efforts at regular intervals to maximize the ROI.