Making a Case for Social Media Investment

Making a case for social media investmentToday it is absolutely essential for businesses to have an active digital presence. Many businesses have embraced social-media to market their product and services, though there are businesses that are reluctant to participate on social media because of one reason or the other. Let’s take a look at the reasons that’s stopping them from being part of social media:

Time consuming:
Several businesses think that social-media demands significant time from them; comments/tweets must be responded, relevant contents must be created and published, interesting links/news/posts must be posted on page. Keeping customers engaged and interested consistently is definitely a difficult task. Also tracking millions of conversations and remaining up to date on multiple channels manually is a time consuming process. So instead of updating and managing all these different channels manually, businesses can make use of social media management software, which helps manage multiple social channels from one common interface.

Long-Term Investment:
Certain businesses are not willing to be part of social-media platforms as it does not reap benefit immediately like a PPC ad does. It takes time and dedication on part of a business to get a decent fan and follower base. Social Media helps build relationships and brand loyalty which results in enhanced business profitability over a period of time. Social Media also plays a key part in effective search engine optimization.

ROI is not measurable:
The goal of any organization is to grow their business and increase sales and profits. Businesses are not in favour of social media, as they presume that social-media does not deliver a measurable monetary return on investment (ROI). Social media can help generate decent leads, if businesses effectively handle their social media presence. There are a few SaaS that help you measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

Negative comments could ruin the business:
Businesses fear that negative comments can damage their brand reputation. Each and every business need to accept the blunt truth that negative comments, tweets, posts and conversations about a product, service or brand are part of the social media, which has given consumers power to make or break a brand. Consumers can get negative about a brand irrespective of their social media presence. Hence, it makes sense to be part of these platforms and take it as an opportunity to prove yourself rather than let a dissatisfied customer bad mouth about your product or service. Businesses should respond to such negative comments quickly and graciously instead of ignoring them.