Who is the most influential Indian celebrity on Twitter?

Social Media Influence is a hot topic these days. Recently, Klout raised millons of dollars to figure out a way to measure influence on Social Networks. I have been wondering lately if there is a effective way to measure Influence on Twitter, apart from recent trending methods like Klout Score, Twitter Grader etc. Going back to old metrics, measuring traffic to website is widely used KPI for evaluating a marketing campaign’s performance.

Dan Zarrella created a simple “Followers to Clicks” conversation rate to measure influence on Twitter. I decided to run a small experiment to see if I could find out the Influence of Indian Celebrities on Twitter. By analysing the bit.ly stats of links posted by Indian Celebrities on Twitter, I found that Deepika Padukone is the most influential celebrity on Twitter, followed by Karan Johar & Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.Indian Celebrities on Twitter