Indian User Statistics on Facebook

Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are growing their userbase exponentially in India. According to Alootechie, the number of Facebook users in India was at 8M in March 2010. In a little over six months, the number of Indian users have doubled and now stand at 15.5 million. With the proliferation of cheaper smart phones and start of 3G services in India, the rate of growth of internet population and thereby, adoption of Social Media sites should receive a significant boost.

Since Beevolve provides complete Social Media solutions to brands and agencies, we decided to deep dive into the Indian userbase to better understand the customer segments that brands can target on Facebook.

Top Indian Cities on Facebook

Surprisingly, most of the Indian users on Facebook come from National Capital Region (Delhi, Noida). Bangalore, with its large IT population, occupies a distant fourth position.

Age Group Stats on Facebook

Percentage Split on Facebook

More than 80% of the userbase on Facebook is below 30 years.

Gender Split on Facebook India

The male-female ratio is highly skewed towards male but is not quite surprising given that the male-female ratio for online population in India is similarly skewed.

Relationship Statistics on Facebook

The data was collected from around Oct-Nov, 2010.


  1. selva kumarselva kumar11-04-2010

    good analysis…

  2. Neeraj KumarNeeraj Kumar11-12-2010

    Nice statistics. A lot of people are on facebook. 🙂

    I always wondered that how you get these statistics from I mean I have tried to search about it. Didn’t find anything. A lot of companies claim their data sources like you are.

    Can you tell us how did you find the statistics yourself. It would be kind enough 🙂


  3. RajaRaja11-22-2010

    I want to understand the source of this data….and the method used to find out…
    Bangalore has only around 600000 users….I am surprised !!
    Even my Dad is on FB these days 😉

  4. sankeerthsankeerth12-07-2010

    I surprise where is hyderabad…..4th largest IT hub in India ❓